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Meticulous taste is the main characteristic of most pool aficionados. Many of them were searching for modern designed pool tables which would fit in the concept of contemporary interiors for a long time. In 1997, for all passionate players with style, Saluc design team has come up with a revolutionary new table concept: dining and pool table in one, with elegant modern design, which is strikingly different from the classic unattractive heavy wooden table. Saluc came up with the solution for dining/pool table which wives of hardcore players would also love. Fusiontable is a result of trend observing, brain storming, technological development and prototype testing during several months, in collaboration with traditional table manufacturers.

Whole team of Belgian designers and Saluc engineers have decided to turn this dream into reality, with an affordable price. Their vision was designing one table, which would play the role of dining and pool table, with ideal proportions introducing horizontality, accuracy, elegance and thinness. At the same time, they have also presented several technological innovations, which solved some rather important details: they have eliminated the fifth leg underneath the central part of the table, as well as ball recuperating system located underneath the table surface. They have given up on natural stone, removed the pockets and everything else which didn’t seem modern, in order to create a sophisticated timeless design. By developing Easy Lift system, they have resolved the obvious problem of table height, which can now serve for enjoying your meal and playing pool as well, depending on the owners’ current needs. With the use of clean lines and new materials like metal, but also the warmer ones like wood and stone, Fusion pool table got a modern and luxurious, but at the same time simple and sober-minded appearance, liked by all.

When this revolutionary dining/pool table was presented for the first time in stores all over the world, many buyers wanted to order additional furniture pieces which would complete their dining rooms, and that is how Fusiontables collection was born. Chairs, stools, benches, lighting and sideboards are now a part of Fusiontables range, so the buyers can give a whole new dimension to their dining room space.




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